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Dr Aaron Chambers - Community Healthcare and Wellness

When we begin to unravel and think about the stories of mental and emotional struggles that many of us experience at some point in our lives, we need to also include the relationship that these have with physical wellness.

I got to know Dr Aaron Chambers through my husband who also works in healthcare. One of the first things I noticed about Aaron was the sparkle in his eye. The kind of sparkle that people with a vision have. the kind of sparkle that carries with it an unmistakable zest and enthusiasm for life. And indeed the more I got to know him the more I can see this to be so.

Aaron works as a GP in his self owned practice (Grow Medical located in Sherwood Brisbane) for which he has a vision of not just looking after peoples physical needs , but also their needs as a whole person. This approach to medicine is so what is needed because health care is so much more than just googling symptoms on a lonely computer screen and getting stock standard answers spat back out. Health care is about patient and Doctor relationship , about building a relationship with the patient , and about trust.

This is a much needed part of the puzzle of dealing with mental health issues and I highly recommend going to visit Dr Aaron at Grow Medical if you are in the area ( or a Doctor in your area that you trust ) . Medical Services are often underused due to most of us not knowing how much they can help us in so many areas in our lives, not least, having a qualified real person 'ear' there to point us in the right direction to get the help we need.

Dr Aaron Chambers is a man who like so many deserves a spot in this exhibition for his dedication to his field of work in medicine and his example to young men coming through of the 'sparkle' in life.

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