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Osher Günsberg -There is a way forward

When I received the email from Osher's management team last month the he had agreed to be painted by me for this project I was over the moon.

Not only is Osher one of the most recognisable and liked faces in the Australian media to date but he himself has a history of over coming mental and emotional hardship and is a huge advocate of communication about mental illness and depression . The Osher Günsberg Podcast is released weekly on a Monday, which can be streamed or downloaded on Apple iTunes/Spotify or aCast ) which my husband and I have been listening to on a weekly basis for the past few months.

Osher is an example of a man who is successful on so many many levels , and yet still, like so many of us, is prone to things like depression , anxiety and doubt. I find his message of hope to be one of such inspiration because it is an example of a man who is strong in both the conventional way of making a career and name for himself AND also in his ability to be vulnerable and reach out for help . This is a lesson that so many of us need to continue to learn, and as a mother one that I will and do teach my two young 'mini men' every day.

Being strong means being open emotionally , being compassionate with yourself and with others , and communicating with those around you when times get tough (which lets face it can be more often than not!).

Thank you Osher for bringing your personal experiences with anxiety to the main stream media and thus allowing others courage to do the same. Osher’s best selling memoir Back, After the Break was released in August 2018

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