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Daniel Smith Olympic Swimmer- An amazing story of Love

Today I interviewed and photographed Dan Smith for The Beautiful Men Project. His story is one of exceptional courage , tragedy and hope. Despite the many successes in his life , including qualifying as an Olympic swimmer for Australia, Daniel went on to have a long battle with drugs (including ice) and criminal activity which he over came , in his own words, through the power of God's Love.

Meeting him now I could only see the strong and courageous young man he is now , without too much of a flicker of his difficult past and personal struggles.

He is a man who now seeks to inspire others to become all they can be and speak the message that Love and Forgiveness can be given to everyone . As a mother to two young boys myself , I found his story particularly inspiring and I am grateful for the opportunity to have heard the story of his journey into becoming the man he is today and I am sure he will continue to inspire other young men and women with the man he is still to become. His story is one that I am sure many young men will be able to look to for strength in the future and is proof that drugs, alcohol and addiction can be over come, no matter how hopeless it may seem,

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