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Ash Bradnam's Story Nova Radio Presenter

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting up with Ashley Bradnam from Nova 106.9 's breakfast radio show 'Ash,Kip and Luttsy'. I stumbled across Ashley's story while driving to a meeting and hearing him talk on the radio about his podcast 'Addicted'.

His story struck me as one of incredible courage and moved me to tears hearing him describe the adversity he has over come in his personal life . It got me to thinking about what the meaning of this art project is. About what it is that I define as a Beautiful Man. Is it someone who is lucky enough to have had a life without adversity , a life that sits in a magical bubble of perfection and charm ? Or is it a man who despite hardship , weakness and darkness has risen above his own demons and had the courage to change his life and change the lives of others ? YES is the answer ! I'll take a leap here and say none of us are born perfect or without flaw, but not all of us have the courage to create change in ourselves and in others.

Ash's story of over coming addiction and becoming the father and husband he is to today is a testimony to the power of strength. His own strength, and the strength of his loved ones.

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