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CR Greg Christensen Scenic Rim Mayor - On the Importance of Dreams

Meeting my local council representative for this project of artistic work was a truly uplifting experience. First of all it was a delight to meet such a warm and inspirational man , but to add to that I could feel his genuine support for the arts and for the community. The community I speak of here is of course my local community , the mountain , the scenic rim , the Gold Coast , Queensland , Australia, the world.

So yes , essentially I am saying that we are all in it together , close in proximity or far.

But his message in his conversation was simple, as a politician his job is to try and fulfill dreams, as a man I could see he really does believe in dreams. And this is such an important thing for us all to do, to dream big and to encourage and support each other to fulfill our own dreams and to become the best version of ourselves.

This is what the youth of the future need to see and this is what we all need to strive to focus on , so that we can all create a better , kinder , smarter future of learning how to interact and relate to each in respectful and kind ways.

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